Re-structuring of the Taman Tunku Seberang Jaya – 2012

As part of the company’s CSR initiatives, New Bob Group was one of the prime sponsors among five developers from REHDA Penang to re-structure the Taman Tunku Seberang Jaya, a project amounted RM470,000 in total cost.

The company is always on the forefront in placing great concern on giving back to the society for a good cause. Hence, in line with it, this particular CSR project bestowed the communities of Seberang Jaya a public park furnished with modern facilities making it an ideal place for recreational activities for their well-being.

The upgrading project took approximately 3.5 months before completion, covering a land area of 11.73 acres. The scope of works included in the transformation of Taman Tunku involves the jogging and cycling tracks, repair and maintenance of the park’s two existing bridges as well as providing earthwork and earth drains. Not only that, 35 concrete benches were added to the park to open up more seating and resting areas for visitors.

During the course of re-structuring, existing trees in the park were carefully preserved while certain plants and trees were added to gauge exotic birds to the site in hopes of engaging natural bonding between human and nature.

In total, 45 trees given by MPSP were added to the park.Apart from that, the upgrading of Taman Tunku also involved a new gazebo of 10 x 18 feet. To lit up the park, six lamp posts with LED lights were installed in darker spots. That’s not all, two billboards of “Cleaner Greener Penang” message were also installed to raise the public’s  awareness on preserving the environment.

To sum it all , the CSR opening ceremony event took place on 29th July 2012 and was graced by Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng under the witness of REHDA members, all participating parties, associations and companies. With that, New Bob Group hopes to be involved in more CSR activities in future to improve on the livelihood of the society.