D’Home Mental Health Association


D’ Home Mental Health Association is a non-governmental organization founded in the late 2004 by Dato’ Leslie Lee,  the Executive Chairman of New Bob Group. The NGO primary involves in creating greater awareness on mental health and family support in Penang. It aims to give support, guidance and education for caregivers and families who have loved ones suffering from persistent mental illness. It also aims to improve the quality of life particularly those with psychiatric disabilities and to develop their social functioning skills through good psychological adjustment.

D’Home also has their own in-house Clinical Psychologist who conducts individual, couples & family therapy. Since March 2010, D’Home has been successful in helping more than 100 clients and offering more than 340 sessions. They provide all these services to participants without imposing any charges.

The NGO was envisioned by one inspiring  man who dared to dream of making a better tomorrow by building a better world. His mission is to give hope and meaning in life to those who are desperately in need of hope. Dato’ Leslie is no stranger to mental health issues. He has first hand knowledge of what it is to care for a loved one with mental illness. He has been looking after his older brother who has been suffering from schizophrenia for the past 42 years.

Right from young, he has vowed to help ease the pain of others with the same struggles. It was this passion that propelled him to provide an avenue for others to learn more about mental illness and to find support and encouragement.

New Bob Group’s Director, Dr. Lee Ville is one of the honourable medical advisors for D’Home. Through the initiation of D’Home, New Bob Group hopes we can together create a difference to those who are battling with mental disorder. Everyone has equal right to pursue his or dream regardless of past experiences. To find out more about D’Home, login to their website at http://d-home.org.my/.