Teaming With Passion Training with Dr. Lawrence Walter Ng, in collaboration with Airmas

Being able to work productively within a team is an important aspect of achieving success in the corporate world. Effective teamwork is immensely essential to increase creativity in the workplace, improving the quality of work and foster productive employee relationship. In collaboration with Airmas Group, a highly motivated “Teaming With Passion” training under Dr. Lawrence Walter Ng was recently conducted at The Light Hotel from 9am to 5.30pm on 19th and 20th September 2015.

Instead of relying on mundane lecture slides and notes, Dr. Lawrence injected active participation in his training through fun games and activities.This enabled us to have a better understanding on the topics discussed from the actions practiced. He stressed on the need to eliminate “lousy patterns” by replacing with “positive proactive patterns” to pave way for extraordinary results.

Interesting videos connoting meaningful messages were also incorporated into the training to create special visual learning experiences. One of the videos on fishing nemo taught us not to give up on tackling challenging task no matter how impossible it might be. Besides that, he also exposed us to the 4 secrets of mental warrior such as:

  1. Always say no to any form of negativity by saying “Cancel-Cancel, Go Away”.
  2. Eliminate internal negative self-talk by putting the thumb to the forehead and rubbing away
  3. Raise Your Standards
  4. Protect Yourself Against Negative People

In addition, Dr. Lawrence also taught us the 4 Arrows of Power Communication namely Strategy, Encourage, Appreciate and Motivate. As well as the 4 Secrets of the Super Team Leader encompassing Recognize, Encourage, Appreciate and Motivate. We have also learned to appreciate our loved ones more regardless of how busy our schedule could be. Make it a habit to stop focusing on the negative actions of another person by learning to view the positive side of him/her.

Dr. Lawrence also placed heavy emphasis on team building or team power. As a whole, the practice of solid team work is the key to ensure the organization is heading towards the correct direction, and reach greater heights. Let’s strive to “Work Together As A Team with Passion To Create Extraordinary Results!”.